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Learn a little about the history, mission, and values ​​of Americas Amigas NGO.

A little of our history, mission, and values.

Founded in 2009, Americas Amigas is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a Human Rights Promoter.

Its mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality rates among Brazilian women,especially those of the low-income population through early detection and diagnosis of the disease.

Mascote Américas Amigas

How the NGO works

The NGO Americas Amigas donates mammography machines, mammography exams, ultrasound and biopsy exams, provides training for professionals in the area, and promotes awareness and information initiatives about breast cancer. Since 2009, the Americas Amigas NGO has donated 23 mammography machines benefiting 12 Brazilian states.

We are proud to partner with people and legal entities that embrace our cause and help us save lives by promoting early detection and diagnosis of the disease. When diagnosed in time, it has a 95% chance of cure. Thanks to donated equipment, more than 850,000 mammographies were performed by the beneficiaries, including two Brazilian Navy vessels which provide medical care to the riverside populations of the Amazonas and Pará States.

In partnership with Hospital do Câncer de Patrocínio Dr. José Figueiredo – a cancer hospital – the NGO Americas Amigas has brought through a mobile unit the opportunity for early detection of breast cancer to women in the state of Minas Gerais.

In addition, through its Training Program, theAssociation has offered over 30,000 hours of instruction to mammography professionals from public and philanthropic institutions in the country. Through its Health Check Donation Program, Americas Amigas has enabled the early detection and diagnosis of the disease for low-income Brazilians.

The NGO’s mission

Promoting nationwide activities for the reduction of breast cancer mortality, mainly benefiting the low income population through the availability of Awareness, Prevention, Detection, and Early Diagnosis instruments.

mascote américas amigas
The NGO’s values


Companies and organizations that support us in the fight against breast cancer
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