Find out who are the people that fight breast cancer with you.

Here you will find videos of campaigns from Américas Amigas in the fight against breast cancer.

They are statements, accountability and movements that we do all year long, in order to continue to change the lives of many women with prevention, early diagnosis, training for professionals in the field and of course, a lot of love and respect for all these women.

Whether through examinations, specialized work force donations or mammography donations we will, in fact, be brought together against breast cancer.

Institucional Américas Amigas – 2018
Maria Doll– Chest Women “Mulheres de Peito”
Campina Grande action Américas Amigas
Liv up and NGO Américas Amigas
Ivete Sangalo singer – 2016 Campaign
Institutional Video 2014 – Américas Amigas
Institutional Américas Amigas – 2017
Score This Goal campaign - Testimonials
Testimonial – Silvia Prioli MD
Maria Doll – Chest Women “Mulheres de Peito”
Institutional Video 2008 – Américas Amigas


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