Our Members

Get to know who are the people who fight breast cancer along with you.

Founded in 2009, Americas Amigas has always fought for access to breast cancer prevention and treatment.

It came from the combination of Brazilians and Americans whose mission is to reduce mortality rates among Brazilians, especially those of the low-income population through the early detection of the disease. Today, we are many and fully engaged in bringing quality of life, hope, and health to thousands of women throughout Brazil.

Find below those responsible for coordinating an army of volunteers, donors, and supporters who along with Americas Amigas are changing for the better many life stories.

Founding Members

Andréa da Veiga Pereira
Barbara Sobel
Carlos Alberto Vieira
Chella Safra
Eric Street
Francisca de Paula Harley
Ida Sztamfater
Laura Marlene Gould
Marcelo Secaf
Maria Antonia Magalhães Civita
Renata Hauptmann Feffer
Richard Steere Aldrich Jr.
Roberto Civita (in memoriam)
Sergio Daniel Simon

Honorary Members

Barbara Sobel
Clifford Sobel
Nelson Jobim
Roberto Civita (in memoriam)
Sérgio Amaral

Meritorious Members

Chella Safra
Moise Safra (in memoriam)
Donata Meirelles e Nizan Guanaes
Família Feffer
Maria Helena e Jorge Gerdau Johanpeter
Vicky e Joseph Safra

Executive Board

Andréa da Veiga Pereira

Luiz Antunes Maciel Mussnich

General and Project Manager

Mirna Hallay de Andrade

Financial Consultant

Donald W. Mc Darby Jr.

Audit Committee

Angélica Maria de Queiroz
Carlos Alberto Vieira
Lucas von Wieser Ruggeri

Legal Advisor

Eric Street

Scientific Council

Dr. Aron Belfer
Dr. Marcelo Secaf
Dr. Sérgio Daniel Simon
Dra. Simone Elias


Paulo Farias

Elvio Simões de Oliveira
Training Course Coordinator


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