Fighting breast cancer is possible and you can help us!

Pink October

In October 2018 we launched the 4th edition of the Good Look “Olhar do Bem” campaign for Pink October awareness month.

A set of actions in partnership with major organizations to bring greater visibility to the importance of early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer! An invitation for us to see the possibility of transformation to the scenario of breast cancer in Brazil.

campanhas outubro rosa
campanha olhar do bem
Olhar do Bem
The possibility of transforming lives

The fourth edition of the Good Look “Olhar do Bem” campaign has a new protagonist, the mascot of Américas Amigas, AnA. It was born to symbolize strength and struggle in search of transformation. The pink glasses will continue to be the symbol of the campaign and will be used as an invitation to the public to pay attention to the cause and see how it can help. Through sharing photos, then joining the campaign and inviting their followers to make donations to contribute to the cause of Américas Amigas.

Marque Esse Gol
Football against breast cancer

Three institutions have teamed up to develop the "Football Against Breast Cancer - Score This Goal!" project, with the goal of promoting various prevention and awareness actions to mobilize the football community on the importance of annual mammography, which increases the chance of early detection of breast cancer. This simple act can save lives, Score This Goal, to save lives, when doing the mammography annually.

água de coco obrigado
Special edition of coconut water for the campaign

Special edition of the coconut water takes to its packaging the Pink October campaign, with the objective of generating awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer. The brand printed 400.000 packs of Natural Coco Water 1 liter and a percentage of sales goes to Américas Amigas. The item has also been present at the Pop Up Orienta vida on October 18th and on Jacques Janine Beauty Day on the 29th. 

Dia de Beleza JJ
Jacques Janine Beauty Day and Chest Girls “Meninas de Peito”

In this pink October, Américas Amigas and Jacques Janine beauty salon come together once again to provide a beauty day for women from the NGO Chest Girls “Meninas de Peito” with breast cancer. This third edition of  "Beauty Day", however, is much more impacting, as by 2018 we gathered efforts to also raise funds for the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, the mission of Américas Amigas.

Grupo Iguatemi
Parked, donated

Sixth edition of Parked, Donated “Estacionou Doou” fundraising campaign for Américas Amigas with support from the Iguatemi Group. Internal activation in the malls with pink lighting of the front of selected malls.

Pink October Official Awareness Day

Support in the action "Beauty Day with Américas Amigas and Jacques Janine" at Maison Jardins. Celebration of the official day of awareness of the Pink October with 3% of the sales of the stores of the network Arezzo reverted to the Américas Amigas on October 17th.


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